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Visualize the Difference

JVIZ custom Power BI Visuals are Microsoft Certified and designed to empower customers throughout their knowledge discovery journey.

JVIZ Power BI Visuals

JINETT Visuals (JVIZ) are custom Power BI visuals developed to provide insights into your organizational goals, objectives, and initiatives. Whether you need to track projects across various categories in JVIZ Product Roadmap or easily track work-in-progress (WIP) using JVIZ Strategic Roadmap, JVIZ is your tool to captivate your audience with an informative visualization.

Discover JVIZ Custom Power BI Visuals in Microsoft AppSource
Product Roadmap

A different way to visualize projects, dependencies and categories. Track schedules across swimlanes and deliver impressive dashboards.

Gantt Chart

Multi-year reporting of projects and tasks. Deliver critical project status updates and release cycles. The minimalist design ensures your stay focus on your milestones.

Strategic Roadmap

Track your team's work-in-progress (WIP) or tasks across swimlanes in a traditional Kanban view. Visualize organizational goals, objectives and initiatives.

Dot Matrix

Visualize distribution of discrete data in units of dots. Become efficient by comparing measures across various categories.

Tag List

Display a horizontal list of data as tags in your dashboard to quickly visualize key words associated with your data story.

KP Icons

Map a list of words in a table column to distinct icons from JVIZ Icon Library to indicate key performance, status, or classification.

The Power of Analytics

Start saving time in developing complex management graphs. Retire the manual process of weekly drafting and editing charts. JVIZ certified Power BI visuals are designed out-of-the-box to provide decision support across your projects and team. JVIZ can be applied to various industries, from small teams to large, JVIZ can help you stay on top of your organizational goals. Try free today in Microsoft AppSource.

A Modern Visual Experience

Visuals built to provide business management analytics.


Responsive layouts that can be tailored to your brand.


Minimalist designs that bring balance to your data story.


Microsoft certified and developed to industry standards.


Did you know...

 You can see JVIZ in action today! Visit our products page and select a visual to see a quick overview of the visual features and capabilities.