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About Us

We take the lead in providing professional data analytic services and our talented team is key to our product delivery. We enjoy what we do: empowering our customers through data visualization.

Your success is our goal.

JINETT is based out of the US National Capital Region. Our Power BI Development Team is comprised of industry experts committed to delivering products that meet data visualization needs for Leadership Teams (LT), Project Management Professionals (PMP), Business Operations (BizOps), and Strategic Planning Teams (SPT). 

Our mission is to pivot your organizational data into interactive data visualizations.

At JINETT, we develop certified Microsoft Power BI visuals that are customizable to focus on data discovery and delivery of compelling data stories. JINETT visuals implement new and unique concepts to visualize your narrative within the rapidly changing ecosystem of big data.

We understand presenting facts and information to a diverse audience comes with challenges. This is why we instill our core values into all our products and dedicate time to fostering a positive customer experience.

Our Core Values

Visuals built to provide business management analytics.


Responsive layouts that can be tailored to your brand.


Minimalist designs that bring balance to your data story.


Microsoft certified and developed to industry standards.

Did you know...

 You can see JVIZ in action today! Visit our products page and select a visual to see a quick overview of the visual features and capabilities.