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JVIZ Tag List Documentation

Visual Layout

JVIZ Tag List has three sections: Tag FormattingText Formatting, and Border Formatting.

Visual Fields

JVIZ Tag List has one required fieldTag


Maps to a text field that contains a column of tag words or phrases. Duplicate tags in the column are permitted. JVIZ Tag list will only display unique tags.

Visual Formatting

Customize the design of the tag.


Determines how round the tag shape is. 100 is a complete rounded shape whereas 0 is a sharp edge resulting in a square shape. 

Default is 100, minimum is 0, maximum is 100.

Background Color

Changes the fill color of all tags.

Show All Colors

Can be toggled on or off. When toggled off, all tags are the same color as the Tag Background Color property. When toggled on, users can select an individual color for each tag using the color picker.

Controls the text formatting of the tags.

Text Formatting

Configure the tag text color, font family, size, and decoration (bold, italics, underline).

Default text size is 13px, minimum is 8px, maximum is 30px.

Customize the border around the tags

Line Style

Applies an outline style around the tag. Options are listed below. For examples of border styles visit W3Schools:

Default border style is None. 

Border Color

Changes the color of the border.

Border Size

Controls the thickness or weight of the border. Options are listed below.